Document Translation

We accept almost all types of document materials, such as correspondence, brochures & catalogs, company profiles, product manuals and instructions, tenders, reports, procedures, articles, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees, transcripts, and many others.
The subject matters cover almost every category including, but not limited to, advertisement/marketing, arts, automation/engineering, biochemistry, cooking/food computers/IT, education/training, exhibition material, financial/economics, health and beauty, history, journalism, law, literature, medicine, music, politics, religion, science and technology, social sciences, sports...  


Book Translation

Nonfiction (history, culture, business, politics, law, etc.)
Academic (all disciplines)


Website Localization

Our translators have proven records in successfully translating Websites, whether they are simple html-based sites or database-driven dynamic sites.

We may translate from text files (.txt, .doc, .rtf), or we can proceed directly from the source files (.asp, .htm/html/xml, .php, java scripts, CGI scripts, FLASH and many more).

After translation, the translated elements will be integrated into the original site to test if they present correctly and if the site functions well.


Software Localization

Our translators have proven records in successful software localization. We provide a complete software localization solution to your Chinese-speaking customers. You will receive proper translation of dialog boxes, error messages, help files, user guides, standard user interface terminology, etc.
Testing will be given after the translation to ensure the functionality of the software by using a combination of manual and automated tests, as well as bug tracking tools, to locate and fix critical software defects before release.


Desktop Publishing

As a subsidiary of a publishing company, we have extensive publishing resources. Should you desire to have the translated material formatted and designed in a particular way, our highly skilled professionals can offer that service to you. If you need to have the translated material professionally published, printed and bound for any number of copies, we can also help you with that.